Build the smartest golf apps on the planet!


Spectacular Awareness

Pins are easy, does your golf app know the difference between fairways and bunkers? From tee to green, with ProShop.IO you always know which club and where to aim.

Unlock augmented reality with golf shot and terrain details streamed directly to your sunglasses, drones, apps, mowers, robots, cart windshields, and more.

HD Course Content

No more guessing whether a shot is on the fairway or in the rough. Over 5,540,000 course objects and counting.

Stunning Detail

We are found that 4 out of 5 golf apps and courses have distances marked incorrectly.

Course Conditions

Wind blowing at the pin? No problem! Stream live weather conditions and prevail.

Simple API

Get the ProShop.IO SDK and stream
the most accurate golf course
content ever produced.


Calculate Your Golf Round

Select a sample round and download to your desktop.

Step 1: Download Sample Round

Sample Back 9 Sample Full Round


Step 2: Upload Round

Drag the kml file into the drop-zone above to calculate the shots for a score card.

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